PA D-Sure

Personal Accident
Premium starts from only 1000 Baht per year*

Premium starts from only 1000 Baht per year*

Maximum Coverage for Medical Expenses up to 100,000 Baht in case of accident per case of accident**

Maximum Coverage for Medical Expenses up to 100,000 Baht in case of accident per case of accident**

Daily compensation benefit of up to 1,500 Baht in case of hospitalization***

Daily compensation benefit of up to 1,500 Baht in case of hospitalization***

Introduction of Insurance

Insurable Age

Insurable Age

5 - 60 years
Minimum Sum Assured

Minimum Sum Assured

Coverage Plans
Plan 1 : 150,000
Plan 2 : 200,000
Plan 3 : 400,000
Plan 4 : 600,000
Mode of Premium Payment

Mode of Premium Payment

Rider Attachment

Rider Attachment

Not Allowed
Health Checkup

Health Checkup

Health questions required without medical checkup

Tax Deduction

Tax Deduction

Enjoy the tax benefit at the end of the year with eligible amount for tax deduction partially



Coverage and Benefit

Conditions of Insurance

Public Holidays mean the days the government declares as national holidays in each calendar and National Labor Day This includes compensatory holidays on that date.

The day the government declares it a public holiday is New Year's Day, Makha Bucha, Chakri Day, Songkran Holiday, H.M. King's Coronation, Royal Ploughing Ceremony, Visakha Bucha Day, H.M. Queen's Birthday, Asanha Bucha, Buddhist Lent, H.M. King's Birthday, H.M. Queen Mother's Birthday, The Passing of King Bhumibol, Chulalongkorn Day, Father's Day, Thailand Constitution Day, and New Year's Eve.

Substitute Day means the day that is gazetted a public holiday in lieu of the public holiday for Christmas Day falling on a Saturday or Sunday. If a public holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday It shall be deemed that the first working day or the first and second working day following a public holiday is a Substitute Day

Public accident means an accident which occurs to the Insured
1. while the Insured is a passenger in a train, skytrain, subway, public transportation bus, minibus, Borkorsor transport bus, affiliated Borkorsor transport bus, affiliated public transportation van.
2. while the insured is an elevator passenger and an accident occurs on a public elevator for carrying persons or goods between floors in public buildings This does not include elevators used in the mines. or construction site.
3. while the insured is in a public building during the opening hours for the general public and a fire broke out in that public building including jumping from the fire to save lives.

The Exclusions contained herein are only some parts of all exclusions stated in the insurance policy. The Company shall not cover any loss or damages due to or a result of either of the following causes.
1. In case that the insured knowingly makes false statement or knowingly omits to disclose any fact to the Company for acknowledgement while applying for the insurance, where if the Company had known of such fact, the Company has the right to void the insurance contract and not to make any policy payment.
2. Suicide, suicide attempt or self-inflicted injury
3. Miscarriage
4. Act of the insured while under the influence of alcohol, narcotic drug or narcotic substance that impairs the mental faculty The term “under the influence of alcohol” is in case of having blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test result of 150 mg/dL or over.

1. For participants who have performed according to the company's terms and conditions
2. Limited to 1 person per 1 Reward only.
3. On the day of receiving the reward The insured must not request for cancellation of the policy or request to surrender the policy contract within the date of the reward. in the event that the insured request cancellation of the policy, the Company can deduct the reward cost from the money received back from the Company. In the case that the money received back from the company is less than the value of the reward the insured shall be liable to pay for the value of the reward.
4. Rewards can be used within the period and procedures specified by the service provider only
5. The company isn't responsible if Reward is expire, lost.
6. Must show the Reward to the service personnel within the specified time only. Taking a screenshot or any fraud to bring about the reward can not be used.
7. If the use of the service is less than the value of the reward specified in this activity, the participant will not receive any change. or in the event that the use of the service costs more than the value of the reward set in this activity, participants will have to pay the difference yourself.
8. The company will deliver the Reward to the address stated in the policy within 15 days after the company approves the insurance and the policy has been in effect for at least 30 days

1. Reward can not exchanged for cash or others
2. Reward cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.
3. Reward can not transferred acquirement to others. In the event of a violation, The recipients of the reward will be responsible for the expenses incurred.
4. Rewards for participants who have performed according to the company's conditions. Do not sell or use commercially.
5. The company may change the reward at the same value or change, cancel the activity conditions without prior notice.
6. Participants agree that the company bring details including pictures, publications to be used in public relations.
7. Participants acknowledge and agree that the Company collects, uses or discloses personal information of the participants.
8. Participants need to understand and agree with laws and regulation and agree to abide by the terms and conditions.
9. The unanimous decision of the company is final.
10. For more information, please contact Customer Service Dial: 0 2207 8844 (Mon - Fri 08.00-05.00 p.m. except public holidays)

Remark : 
*For Plan 1
**For Plan 3-4
***For Plan 4, Coverage for patient standard room
- Underwriting is subject to the Company’s terms and conditions.
- Health check up and health declaration might be the factor of underwriting process if necessary.
- Benefits and coverage are subject to the health insurance policy’s terms and conditions.
- Tax Deduction according to the rules prescribed by the Revenue Department
- This is only basic information. An insured should read aware of coverage condition, benefits, and exclusions of an insurance policy.

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