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Request for Re-print the Policy

The Insured can request for a replacement policy. If you lose or lose your policy, the policy remains in effect or when you renew your policy.

1. Applying for changes to the policy. Specify the requirement for issuance of insurance policy. Instead of the lost edition or replace the damaged version.

2. The required document

2.1 Case report of policy loss from police. Company Name and the policy number. The insured person is informed.

2.2 The damaged policy to issue a replacement policy. To apply for a damaged policy attached to the application for a replacement policy. It can prove that any policy.

2.3 Copy of Identification card or ID card ( issued by the governmental authority with the photo of insured) with certified true copy


Fee for the Re-print of Policy

Ordinary , Industrial and Special Industrial (Government Officer) Policy : 200 Baht

Personal Accident : 100 Baht

Contact us

1. Affiliates Branches

2. Contact Center, Head Office Floor G, Ocean Tower 1 , Ratchadaphisek Road, Klongtoei District Bangkok. Tel. No. 022078888

3. 171 branch offices nationwide

Processing Time

In case completed document

- 171 Branches and Contact Center, Processing time 2 weeks

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