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Claim Process

1. Down load claim documents.
2. Prepare documentation. According to the topic of compensation, wishing to claim compensation.
3. Submit Claim Form and other documents on your convenience channel.

Claim Payment Request Channels


Medical Service Network OPD Claim Process

     If you are hospitalized in an illness, accident or group health insurance. Just show your Health Care Card and ID card to the admissions officer of the network clinic to verify your coverage. If Your ID has verify and you have coverage, the hospital staff will records the treatment and costs expenses. The system will evaluate the benefits of your coverage. The hospital will reimburse medical expenses directly from our company. You do not have to pay for medical expenses.

Medical Service Network IPD Claim Process

     If you have to stay in hospital for inpatient treatment. Just show your Health Care Card and ID card to the staff of the network and sign the consent form, the staff of the hospital will coordinate the request for medical treatment according to the treatment plan of the doctor. To pre-authorization for benefit and the protection from the company.
     The hospital staff will facilitate/e-mail the patient's inpatient treatment. Display the doctor's treatment report and cost summary on the discharged day. Once you have been approved for coverage by the Company, you do not need to fill out a Claim Form.


Non Medical Service Network Claim Process

      If you are admitted to a non-networked hospital and submit claim compensation for medical expenses. You can claim medical benefit by requesting your claim form, including a medical treatment report and a receipt, and fill out a claim form.

Claim for Medical Expenses

1. Claim Form
2. Medical Testimonials
3. Original medical receipt
4. Other medical documents such as Radiographic and laboratory reports as per request.

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